Heritage Virtual VBS Week 2 outline

Welcome to the second week of virtual VBS!  Your leader devotion is in the next section of this email, and is a great way to prepare for the week. Today we’ll armor up with the breastplate of justice (righteousness) as we hear the story of a shepherd boy named David and a large man named Goliath. No one was brave enough to face Goliath. David was not a soldier, but he was a loyal follower of God. When he witnessed the injustice of Goliath’s words and unkind treatment of his people, he immediately volunteered.

Next, click on the link to go through today’s activities:

Craft: Complete the Breastplate of Justice Craft & the Belt of Truth Craft (See
packet for instructions)  
Science: Catapults!
Video: Today’s video includes instructions for a different craft than the one
we’re doing, so just skip the craft part of today’s video and follow the instruction
in your packet for today’s craft.
You can also find instructions for the dance moves for each of our VBS songs
on our VBS website:
Memory Verse: Practice the memory verse “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.” Ephesians 6:10 and ask your camper if they remember today’s Castle Callout, “Armor up with justice”
Reflect:  Our focus for this session will be justice. This Bible lesson focuses on David and Goliath. Goliath’s people, the Philistines, were the enemies of David’s people, the Israelites. At that time (around 1020 BC), it was common for opposing armies to choose representatives to fight in hand-to-hand combat. A win for either army’s representative counted as a win for the whole nation. The problem for Israel in this story was that no one— not even King Saul—was brave enough to face Goliath. David was not a soldier, but a shepherd, and he was a passionate follower of God. When he witnessed the injustice of Goliath’s words and treatment of the people of Israel, David volunteered as Israel’s representative. David swung his sling and launched a stone into the air. It hit Goliath right on the forehead and he fell to the ground, defeated. When did you witness someone fight for justice? Describe that time. Reflect back on
a time when you stood up for justice. How were you able to rise above your fears to stand on
the side of justice? Read and reflect. Micah 6:8. How does God’s awesome power equip us to stand up for justice? Share an example. God requires us to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with God. We can be bold as believers because God is greater and stronger. Our faith and trust in God is the power lives within us. During this session of Knights of North Castle, we
will discover another Castle Callout (key learnings). Our Session 2 Castle Callout is “Armor Up with Justice!” Our goal is to teach students that our faith and trust in God will empower us to stand up for God and others and work for justice for all. As leaders, we will repeat this Castle Callout during teaching times at VBS. Because God gives us strength, we can have the courage to
seek justice.

Leader Devotion

Let’s pray: Almighty and gracious God, thank you for your grace and guidance
during our first session. We see your power at work in the lives of these Knights.
We come asking for the same grace and guidance for this session. We are
reminded from your word in the book of Ephesians to put on your armor and be
strengthened by the Lord and the Lord’s powerful strength as we work for
justice for all. In your name we pray, Amen.