Heritage Virtual VBS Week 3

Welcome to the third week of virtual VBS!  This week we’ll armor up with the Shoes of peace as we discover that Mary and Joseph were on a long journey to Bethlehem. They couldn’t find a place to stay when they arrived, so they went to a place where animals slept. That night baby Jesus was born.

*We were waiting for some back ordered materials to come in for weeks 3 and 5. The materials have arrived and have been added to the packets so this week when you come in to pick up packet 3 you can also get weeks 4 and 5. You will still get an email each week with the links for that week, but to make it a little easier, you only need to pick up the remaining three packets this week. 

Next, Click on the link to go through today’s activities: https://my.amplifymedia.com/amplify/video/unitedmethodistpublishinghouse/36609-vacation-bible-school-2020-knights-of-north-castle/36612-sessions/115835-knights-of-north-castle-session-3-armor-up-with-peace

Craft: Watch the video and complete the Foil Art Nativity.

Science: Marble Maze  – Watch the video and complete the experiment.

Memory Verse: Practice the memory verse “Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power.” Ephesians 6:10 and ask your camper if they remember today’s Castle Callout, “Armor up with truth”

Reflect:  During this session we will focus on peace. Because God gives us strength, we can live in peace knowing God will always be with us. In this session, we transition from the Old Testament to the New Testament. This is a familiar Bible story, and one we usually tell at Christmastime. Mary was just a young woman—a teenager—when an angel told her she would have a child: “the power of the Most High will overshadow you” (Luke 1:35). The events of Jesus’ birth happened at the same time as a census for the entire Roman Empire. Judea was under Roman rule, so Mary and Joseph had to make a trip to Joseph’s ancestral home to be counted. The way the rest of the story unfolds is familiar to us: Mary and Joseph have trouble finding lodging, are eventually given a stable to use, and then Jesus comes into the world. Even though this story may be familiar, it is not one we tend to study during VBS. How does experiencing this story at this time of the year make it different? Familiar? Through this story we find joy and peace. Oh, how we need peace. Peace on earth. Peace with one another. Peace in our churches. Peace in our communities. How can you spread peace with others? Why it is important to spread peace?  Read and reflect: on Luke 2:14. How does this verse make you feel about the term “peace?” During this session of Knights at North Castle we will discover another Castle Callout. Our Session 3 Castle Callout is “Armor Up with Peace.” Our goal is to teach students to be at peace with themselves. Seek peace with others. Seek peace that will spread throughout the world. Because God gives us strength, we can live in peace knowing God will always be with us. As leaders, let’s remember to model lives of peacemakers. During each session repeat this Castle Callout several times.

  Leader Devotion
        Let’s pray: Kind and gracious God, thank you for your goodness and grace. Thank you for guiding us during these days of VBS. As we spread the good news of peace with one another, let us use these words from Psalms to guide us. Let the words of my mouth and the medications of my heart be pleasing to you, Lord, my rock and my redeemer. In the name of Jesus. Amen.