We offer children’s Sunday School classes for both K-1st and 2nd-5th.

     Our Sunday School Department offers a foundation of Bible study for children so that they can grow in their Christian faith, a growth that should continue throughout the rest of their lives.  As they come together each Sunday with other young friends, they also find themselves growing together as a group through the years.

     Our intermediate class includes children from the second through the fifth grade.  It is an exciting age to teach because the minds are so ready to learn, and discussions can get very interesting and informative, for the children as well as the teachers.  As children receive their first real Bible from the church in the third grade, they are ready to read and learn how to use their Bibles.

     We use the Deep Blue curriculum which is a comprehensive Bible study that also includes arts and crafts, animated video storytelling, music, puzzles, games and prayer.  These activities provide a lived-faith experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.     

     This year our Bible studies will focus on home, family and community.  Children will see how families build loving relationships, and they’ll learn what it means to be part of God’s big family.